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适配创世之书MOD的量化工具。 QTools modified for GenesisBook MOD.

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构建真实宇宙,撰写创世之书。 Construct "Real Universe". Then leave a "GenesisBook".

Preferred version: 2.4.1


适配创世之书MOD的量化工具。 QTools modified for GenesisBook MOD.


  1. 打开和关闭GUI,按~键(ESC下方)

  2. 打开GUI后点击任意物品即可查看它的合成配方

  3. 在计算图中,左上角输入数量以计算所需原料

  4. 在计算图中,点击任何一个物品即可切换它的合成配方

  5. 在切换配方后,如果想将该类物品对应的配方全部切换成刚刚选定的配方,只需在刚刚的物品上右键即可

  6. 同样,点击合成台即可切换合成台的类型,右键应用到全局

  7. 鼠标可以任意拖拽查看计算图

  8. 鼠标滚轮可以放大缩小图标和字体

  9. 如果一个工厂组中的性能未完全使用,则它下方的数量标签会标红

  10. 如果想返回再计算其他物品,按BackSpace键即可




How to use

  1. To open and close the GUI, press the ~ key (below ESC)

  2. open the GUI and click on any item to see its synthesis recipe

  3. In the calculation chart, enter the quantity in the upper left corner to calculate the required ingredients

  4. In the calculation chart, click on any item to switch its synthesis recipe

  5. After switching recipes, if you want to switch all the recipes of the item to the one you just selected, just right-click on the item you just selected

  6. Similarly, click on the synthesis table to switch the type of synthesis table, right click to apply to the global

  7. the mouse can be dragged and dropped to view the calculation chart

  8. mouse wheel can zoom in and out icons and fonts

  9. if the performance of a factory group is not fully used, the quantity label below it will be marked red

  10. if you want to go back and calculate other items, press BackSpace key


This mod is not adapted for Mega Buildings.

The default speed of chemical factories and refineries in this mod is 2x, please halve the number of corresponding factories when building after Chemical Technology Innovation technology researched.

Available versions

Please note that the install buttons only work if you have compatible client software installed, such as the Thunderstore Mod Manager. Otherwise use the zip download links instead.

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2023-1-13 1.0.1 241 Version 1.0.1 Install
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