Mods uploaded by GreyHak

DSP Drone Clearing
Use mecha drones to clear trees and stones. Easily toggle on/off with HUD button.
Last updated: 2 weeks ago
DSP Infinite Resource Nodes
[Cheat Mod] Resource nodes with unlimited resources.
Last updated: 3 weeks ago
DSP Icarus Skins
Create your own Icarus mecha skins.
Last updated: a month ago
DSP Belt Reverse Direction
Reverse the direction of a converyer belt.
Last updated: 2 months ago
DSP Smooth Splitter
Smooths the priority output of your splitters.
Last updated: 2 months ago
DSP Star Sector Resource Spreadsheet Generator
Generates a spreadsheet of all resources in the star sector.
Last updated: 2 months ago
DSP Color Drones
Set your own custom drone colors. A template and samples are provided, plus you also have full control.
Last updated: 2 months ago
DSP Save Game Sorter
Sort saves in the load and save screens by time, as it should be.
Last updated: 5 months ago
DSP Show Grid
Shows the planet grid regardless of ground elevation.
Last updated: 7 months ago
DSP God Mode Button
Button on HUD to view and toggle god build mode.
Last updated: 7 months ago