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Adds production/consumption planet list to statistics panel. Also shows missing precursor items (aka bottlenecks) and supports filtering list by only precursor (or consumer) items

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This mod requires the following mods to function

xiaoye97-BepInEx-5.4.5 icon

BepInEx5.4.5 mod plugin framework, Mod框架

Preferred version: 5.4.5
CommonAPI-CommonAPI-1.2.0 icon

A modding library for Dyson Sphere Program. Currently is under development.

Preferred version: 1.2.0
brokenmass-BetterStats-1.3.2 icon

Add more information to the production stats panel

Preferred version: 1.3.2



This mod adds some information to the stats panel to help find production bottlenecks. It will show the top 5 (configurable) planets an item is made on and also try to assess what your assemblers are stuck on (needing items, no power, stacking). It also adds some filter buttons for limiting the items shown to only the precursor (or dependent) items to narrow down the search for bottlenecks



  • ProductionPlanetCount allows showing more "Produced on" planets in tooltip (max 15)


This mod was originally planned as an enhancement to BetterStats by brokenmass which is why it borrows code from and depends on it. The plan is to remove that requirement at some point in the future.

Planetary consumption/production is only calculated one time after the statistics window is opened. If you add machines to your factory while the stats window is open (maybe you're running at a very high resolution?) then you'll have to close and re-open the window to see those values update to reflect the change


For now installation is only supported through a mod manager, but, in general these mods must be installed first

  • CommonAPI-CommonAPI
  • xiaoye97-LDBTool



Bugfix: reduced the frequency of computation for planetary production/consumption to address some reported UI lag (thanks to thedoc31 for report)


Feature: added support for filtering only precursors that are needed (hold control when clicking the precursor filter) Feature: added popup warning when a planet with too little power are detected (one popup per planet per game), use config property to disable Increased ProductionPlanetCount config property max to 35.


Bugfix: fixed issue where multiple clear filter buttons would be added to stats window.
Bugfix: updated logic for determining whether assemblers/labs are currently stacking to match game better


Bugfix: fixed exception in stats view when no tech is currently being researched. (Thanks Valoneu for report)


Stopgap bugfix, ended up being useless


Initial version


Bugs? Contact me on discord: Semar#1983 or create an issue in the github repository.

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