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Automatically reverse direction the conflicted belt when placed. Plus, draw a straight line very very quickly.

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Mod for Dyson Sphere Program. Needs BepInEx.

When placing a conveyor belt that will extend to/from the edge of an existing belt, if it conflicts, reverse the direction so that it makes sense automatically.

If it is determined that the direction of the belt to be placed is to be reversed, the cursor tooltip will show "(Reverse)" and the color of the preview line will change to a blue-yellow stripe for notify.

OnTheSpot mode

Holding down Ctrl key will automatically generate a preview of a straight line from the edge of the nearby belt to the cursor position. The preview will be automatically updated when you move the mouse cursor. There is no need to consider belt direction, as it will be corrected by the basic AutoReverse function.

Clicking with Ctrl key will place belt and continue to look for the next preview target. Release the Ctrl key to return to normal mode.

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AutoReverse has some settings depend on BepInEx (file name is com.hetima.dsp.AutoReverse.cfg).

Key Type Default Description
enableOnTheSpot bool true Enable OnTheSpot mode when Ctrl is down
onTheSpotRange int 24 Maximum range of OnTheSpot mode (1-100)
enableBentConnection bool false Allow non-straight connections in OnTheSpot mode




OnTheSpot モード

ベルト敷設時に Ctrl キーを押していると近くのベルトの端からカーソルの位置まで直線のプレビューが自動生成されます。マウスカーソルを移動させるとプレビューは自動的に更新されます。ベルトの向きは AutoReverse の基本機能で補正されるので気にする必要はありません。

Ctrl キーを押したままクリックするとそのまま敷設され、次のプレビュー対象を探します。Ctrl キーを離すと通常モードに戻ります。

Release Notes


  • Improve belt edge detection


  • Added config (onTheSpotRange and enableBentConnection)


  • Added OnTheSpot mode
  • Support connect to pre builded belt


  • Probably compatible with NebulaMultiplayerMod 0.6


  • Initial Release for 0.7.18 game version

Available versions

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2021-10-16 2.0.2 276 Version 2.0.2 Install
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2021-9-30 2.0.0 381 Version 2.0.0 Install
2021-9-26 1.0.1 197 Version 1.0.1 Install
2021-6-22 1.0.0 1150 Version 1.0.0 Install