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Logistics Station Traffic Manager

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LSTM - Logistics Station Traffic Manager

Mod for Dyson Sphere Program. Needs BepInEx.

Recent Changes


  • Added ability that double-click (left and/or right click) on Planet View to display navigation to anywhere (on/off in ConfigWindow or enableNaviToEverywhere. default is off) (this feature is basically unrelated to this mod, but I introduced it because it's easy to incorporate)


Lists the supply and demand balance of the Logistics Station by item and by planet.

  • Show overall status for each item

  • Show the status of all stations on specific planet

  • Show station storage ratio and total actual amounts information in the statistics panel

  • Improve transport behavior

  • Display the target planet in the starmap (Universe Exploration lv4 is required)

  • Display navigation of the target station location

  • Open station window directly (right-click locate button)(only current local planet)

  • Display station contents and empty slot count as icon

How to open a window

  • from keyboard shortcut (default is LCtrl+T)
  • from button added on station window
  • from button added on planet detail panel on the starmap
  • from button added on production list on the statistics panel (default is off)

When opening with the keyboard shortcut, if the item information is found under the mouse pointer, it is used as a item filter (e.g. Inventory, Storage, Replicator, Statistics Panel and much places where item icon is displayed).

Compatibility with other mods has not yet been checked.

Main Window

screen shot

Statistics Panel

screen shot2

Icon Info



Change transport behavior. Can be turned on and off individually. Default is all off. It must be turned on in the configuration file to be used.

Incompatible with some mods (GalacticScale, StationRangeLimiter, etc.). TrafficLogic will not work if you use these mods.

Smart Transport TLSmartTransport (experimental)

Priority will be given to nearby stations as much as possible. For now, only remote transports is supported.
This is a rough implementation, so it may not work as expected. If this is enabled, TLDCBalance will be forced disabled because of some incompatibilities. Only this setting can be used with some of the above mods, but using with IntelligentTransport may have unexpected results.

Consider Opposite Range TLConsiderOppositeRange

The partner's maximum transport distance will now be calculated too, and the transport will not be executed unless both maximum transport distances are exceeded. Applies to all transport, local and remote.
As an exception, remote transports with a maximum demand capacity of less than 1,000 and the Space Warper will be transported ignoring this settings.

Remote Cluster TLRemoteCluster

Groups stations together and separates them from other groups or unconfigured stations.
You can include the string [C:name] in the station name to belong to the name cluster, where C: is UPPER CASE.
Once a cluster has been established, stations can only be transported by stations that belong to the same cluster.
The cluster name any has a special meaning. A cluster with this name can interact with all other clusters and unconfigured stations. Demanding from any cluster is likely to upset the balance of other clusters, so it is better to keep it supply only.
As an exception, the Space Warper will be transported ignoring the cluster settings.

For now, the only way to set it up is to edit the name directly (You can edit the name in the station window by clicking on it. This is a default game feature). Please wait for additional features such as a settings UI.

Local Cluster TLLocalCluster

This is the same function as Remote Cluster. Applies to local transport. The configuration is almost the same as Remote Cluster, with [c:name] in the station name, where c: is lower case.

Remote Cluster and Local Cluster can be configured simultaneously.
Example: [C:r01][c:l01]station#1

Remote Distance/Capacity Balance TLDCBalance

Increase and decrease the maximum transport distance according to the storage ratio. In addition to turning the function itself on and off, you also need to set how much you want to change the distance. The value is a number between 1.0 and 100.0.

  • TLDCSupplyMultiplier: multiply the distance by x while the supply storage is 70%-100%.
  • TLDCDemandMultiplier: multiply the distance by x while the demand storage is 0%-30%.
  • TLDCSupplyDenominator: divide the distance by x while the supply storage is 0%-30%.

When the value is set to 1, the distance does not change. There is no setting to reduce the demand distance. It does not affect storage with a maximum capacity of less than 2,000.

Remote Demand Delay TLRemoteDemandDelay

Delays the triggering of remote demand. This applies to slots with a maximum storage capacity is 5,000 or more. Remote demand will not be executed until the total stock (actual stock + the amount in transit) falls below 98%. This subtle deviation solves a situation where there is no room for a local demand to occur.

Local Demand Delay TLLocalDemandDelay

Delays the triggering of local demand. Same as TLRemoteDemandDelay but threshold is 2,500 / 99%.


LSTM has some settings depend on BepInEx (file name is com.hetima.dsp.LSTM.cfg). Most settings can be edited in the config window (from gear icon at the top of the main window).

Key Type Default Description
mainWindowHotkey shortcut LCtrl+T Hotkey to open/close LSTM window
showMaterialPicker bool true Add Material Picker for quick item switching to LSTM window
showButtonInStationWindow bool true Add open LSTM button to Station Window
showButtonInStatisticsWindow bool false Add open LSTM button to statistics panel
showButtonInStarmap bool true Add open LSTM button to detail panel on starmap
showStatInStatisticsWindow bool true Add station stat to statistics panel
actAsStandardPanel bool true true: close with other panels by esc key. false: one more esc needed
indicatesWarperSign bool false true: show sign on the list if station has warper
reactClosePanelKeyE bool true true: close window when close panel key(E) is pressed
setConstructionPointToGround bool false true: set the construction point of stations to ground level instead of top of the tower
showStationInfo bool false Show station contents and empty slot count as icon. Also affected by in-game building icon display setting
showStationInfoOnlyInPlanetView bool false showStationInfo is only displayed in planet view
switchDisplayModeHotkey shortcut Tab Hotkey to switch display mode of LSTM window
dropSorterKeyEracesNavi bool false clear navi line when "Remove Copied Sorter Previews" shortcut is pressed
enableNaviToEverywhere bool false double-click (left and/or right click) on Planet View to display navigation to anywhere

TrafficLogic settings

Key Type Default Description
TLSmartTransport bool false enable TrafficLogic:Smart Transport
TLConsiderOppositeRange bool false enable TrafficLogic:Consider Opposite Range
TLRemoteCluster bool false enable TrafficLogic:Remote Cluster
TLLocalCluster bool false enable TrafficLogic:Local Cluster
TLDCBalance bool false enable TrafficLogic:Remote Distance/Capacity Balance
TLDCSupplyMultiplier float 1.0 Multiplier for Remote Supply Distance/Capacity Balance (1-100)
TLDCDemandMultiplier float 1.0 Multiplier for Remote Demand Distance/Capacity Balance (1-100)
TLDCSupplyDenominator float 1.0 Denominator for Remote Supply Distance/Capacity Balance (1-100)
TLRemoteDemandDelay bool false enable TrafficLogic:Remote Demand Delay
TLLocalDemandDelay bool false enable TrafficLogic:Local Demand Delay



  • アイテムごとに全体の状況を表示

  • 惑星内の全ステーションの状況を表示

  • ステーションの貯蔵率と実数を統計パネルに表示

  • 輸送ロジックの改良

  • 対象の惑星を星間ビューで表示(宇宙探査レベル4が必要)

  • 対象のステーションの場所をナビ表示

  • ステーションウィンドウを開く(ナビボタンを右クリック)(現在の惑星のみ対象)

  • ステーションの内容をアイコンサインで表示


  • キーボードショートカット(デフォルトは LCtrl+T)
  • ステーションウィンドウに追加されるボタンから
  • 星図の惑星情報パネルに追加されるボタンから
  • 統計パネルに追加されるボタンから(デフォルトはオフ)




一部のmod(GalacticScale, StationRangeLimiter 等)とは互換性がありません。これらのmodを使用している場合 TrafficLogic は機能しません。

Smart Transport TLSmartTransport (experimental)

雑な実装なので期待通りには動かないかもしれません。これをオンにすると TLDCBalance は若干相性が悪いため強制的にオフになります。この設定のみ上記の一部modと併用可能ですが、IntelligentTransport との併用は予期せぬ結果になるかもしれません。

Consider Opposite Range TLConsiderOppositeRange

例外としてリモート demand の最大貯蔵量が1,000未満の場合と、 空間歪曲器 はこの設定を無視して輸送されます。

Remote Cluster TLRemoteCluster

ステーション名に [C:name] という文字列を含めることで name のクラスターに属します。 C:は大文字 です。
any というクラスター名は特別な意味を持ちます。この名前のクラスターは他のすべてのクラスター、および未設定のステーションとやりとりできます。 any クラスターで要求を実行すると他クラスターのバランスが崩れる可能性が高いので、供給専用にした方が良いでしょう。
例外として 空間歪曲器 はクラスター設定を無視して輸送されます。


Local Cluster TLLocalCluster

Remote Cluster と同じ機能です。ローカル輸送に適用されます。設定方法は Remote Cluster とほぼ同じで、ステーション名に [c:name] と記述します。 c:は小文字 です。

Remote Cluster と Local Cluster は同時に設定できます。

Remote Distance/Capacity Balance TLDCBalance


  • TLDCSupplyMultiplier: supply の貯蔵量が 70%-100% の間は距離をx倍に
  • TLDCDemandMultiplier: demand の貯蔵量が 0%-30% の間は距離をx倍に
  • TLDCSupplyDenominator: supply の貯蔵量が 0%-30% の間は距離を1/x倍に

値を1にすると距離は変化しません。demand の距離を縮める設定はありません。最大貯蔵量が2,000未満のストレージには影響しません。

Remote Demand Delay TLRemoteDemandDelay

リモート輸入の発動を遅らせます。最大貯蔵量 5,000 以上のスロットが対象で、総在庫(実在庫+輸送中の数)が 98% を下回るまでリモート輸入を実行しません。これによりローカル側の demand やベルト搬入が発生する隙がない状態を回避できます。

Local Demand Delay TLLocalDemandDelay

ローカル輸入の発動を遅らせます。TLRemoteDemandDelay と同じような機能ですが、発動条件は最大貯蔵量 2,500 以上 / 貯蔵率 99% です

Release Notes


  • Added ability that double-click (left and/or right click) on Planet View to display navigation to anywhere (on/off in ConfigWindow or enableNaviToEverywhere. default is off) (this feature is basically unrelated to this mod, but I introduced it because it's easy to incorporate)


  • Filtering by star system with no item selected will display all remote items.
  • Added option show station info icon only in planet view (ConfigWindow or showStationInfoOnlyInPlanetView)
  • Improved scroll bar appearance


  • Fixed slider values not displaying properly on ConfigWindow


  • Added most settings to ConfigWindow


  • The default values for setConstructionPointToGround and showStationInfo have been changed to false


  • Added ConfigWindow to change some settings (not yet fulfilled) (open from the button at the top of main window)
  • Added the ability to display station contents and empty slot count as icon (config showStationInfo or ConfigWindow) (also affected by in-game building icon display setting)
  • Fix incompatible with DSP Drone Clearing Mod


  • Added TrafficLogic setting TLLocalDemandDelay default is false
  • Added setting setConstructionPointToGround for faster construction. default is true
  • Supports indicator display of sprayed with Proliferator


  • Minor bug fix


  • Added station storage ratio and total actual amounts information to statistics panel (config showStatInStatisticsWindow default is true)
  • Added ability to filter by star system to main window


  • Added Material Picker for quick item switching (add config showMaterialPicker for customize this)
  • Probably fixed the problem of last slot not showing up when other mods that increase slots are installed


  • Right-click locate button to open the station window (only current local planet).
  • add config reactClosePanelKeyE close window when close panel key(E) is pressed. default is true.
  • Press Tab to switch between planet name and station name (add config switchDisplayModeHotkey for customize this)


  • Added setting indicatesWarperSign
  • TLRemoteDemandDelay will now be applied to all remote demands


  • Support for capacity upgrade in game version 0.9.24


  • Added TrafficLogic setting TLSmartTransport
  • TLConsiderOppositeRange ignores when the capacity of demand is small
  • Fix TLDCBalance wrong demand range


  • Rebuild for
  • Added TrafficLogic setting TLRemoteDemandDelay


  • Added TrafficLogic setting TLDCBalance
  • TLConsiderOppositeRange ignores Space Warper
  • Local list will be sorted by items


  • Added key feature that called "TrafficLogic"
  • Added TrafficLogic setting TLConsiderOppositeRange, TLRemoteCluster and TLLocalCluster
  • Added setting dropSorterKeyEracesNavi


  • Rebuild for
  • Added setting actAsStandardPanel (I forgot to list it)


  • Fix local station name was not displayed
  • Changed the internal design of the button display (a bit more stable when off but needs restart)


  • To display planet in the starmap, "Space Exploration" Lv4 is required


  • Added keyboard shortcut for open/close window
  • Each Orbital Collector in same gas giants was combined into a row
  • Improve performance


  • Initial Release for

Available versions

Please note that the install buttons only work if you have compatible client software installed, such as the Thunderstore Mod Manager. Otherwise use the zip download links instead.

Upload date Version number Downloads Download link  
2022-5-18 0.6.5 550 Version 0.6.5 Install
2022-5-10 0.6.4 657 Version 0.6.4 Install
2022-4-28 0.6.3 806 Version 0.6.3 Install
2022-4-28 0.6.2 52 Version 0.6.2 Install
2022-4-25 0.6.1 419 Version 0.6.1 Install
2022-4-24 0.6.0 277 Version 0.6.0 Install
2022-4-20 0.5.2 498 Version 0.5.2 Install
2022-3-27 0.5.1 1064 Version 0.5.1 Install
2022-3-20 0.5.0 505 Version 0.5.0 Install
2022-3-13 0.4.0 534 Version 0.4.0 Install
2022-3-7 0.3.6 497 Version 0.3.6 Install
2022-2-6 0.3.5 1388 Version 0.3.5 Install
2022-1-23 0.3.4 968 Version 0.3.4 Install
2021-12-15 0.3.3 954 Version 0.3.3 Install
2021-11-19 0.3.2 749 Version 0.3.2 Install
2021-11-5 0.3.1 608 Version 0.3.1 Install
2021-11-3 0.3.0 224 Version 0.3.0 Install
2021-10-29 0.2.3 365 Version 0.2.3 Install
2021-10-4 0.2.2 651 Version 0.2.2 Install
2021-9-29 0.2.1 323 Version 0.2.1 Install
2021-9-24 0.2.0 291 Version 0.2.0 Install
2021-9-22 0.1.0 174 Version 0.1.0 Install