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Display how many facilities are operating on a single production line and maximum number that won't get stuck.

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Mod for Dyson Sphere Program. Needs BepInEx.

This mod displays in a Assembler Window how many facilities are operating on a single production line and how many maximum can be installed without getting stuck. The targets are Assembler, Smelter, Chemical plant, Oil refinery and Miniature particle collider.

Calculated from the quantity of materials/products and the performance of the belt. If there is a grade, such as Assembler, each grade will be displayed separately.

Line 1 : Current number of installations. This applies to facilities connected to exactly the same belt.
Line 2 : Maximum number of possible installations without getting stuck. If the belt to be calculated is MK.I, it is marked with ".". MK.II will be marked with ":".
Line 3 : Maximum number considering input item stack.

The bottom part of the item icon displays the number of recipes required. The upper part displays the maximum number of individual item installations (x1 value without considering the number of stacks).



1行目 : 現在の設置数。同一のベルトに接続されている同一レシピの施設が対象です
2行目 : 素材/生成物が詰まらない最大の設置可能数。計算対象のベルトがMK.Iの場合は「.」、MK.IIの場合は「:」のマークが添えられます。
3行目 : 入力スタック数を考慮した最大値


設置可能数は 直線ライン構築情報 - Dyson Sphere Program JP Wiki に記載されている内容と基本的に同一です。

Release Notes


  • Display the maximum number of individual item installations


  • Add maximum value considering item stack


  • Fixed interference with copy recipe button


  • fix wrong calculation for Magnet


  • Initial Release

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2021-11-4 1.0.1 741 Version 1.0.1 Install
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