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Take out building items stored in the initial planet from any other planet / 初期惑星に保管している建築アイテムをどこからでも取り出せる

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Mod for Dyson Sphere Program. Needs BepInEx.

Take out building items stored in the initial planet (the first planet landed on) from other planet.

Right-clicking the building tool icon will move the corresponding item stored in the initial planet's storage to the inventory. Storage with an outgoing sorter attached will be ignored. One stack amount is moved at a time.
The following will be added to the building tool to make use of this feature.

  • Logistics drone and Logistics vessel
  • each types of fuel rods and Space warper
  • Accumulator(full)



  • 物流ドローン と 物流船 が輸送カテゴリに
  • 各種燃料棒 と 空間歪曲器 が研究カテゴリに
  • 蓄電器(満充電) が電力カテゴリに

Release Notes


  • Rebuild for


  • Rebuild for
  • Better screen effect for item acquisition


  • Initial Release

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2021-11-19 1.0.2 88 Version 1.0.2 Install
2021-10-29 1.0.1 117 Version 1.0.1 Install
2021-9-5 1.0.0 211 Version 1.0.0 Install