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Carry-ins from sorter will not be transferred to the upper storage according to the automatic capacity limit.

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Mod for Dyson Sphere Program. Needs BepInEx.

If you set the capacity for automation of the target storage to between 1 and 4 (only 1 to 4 slots will be red), carry-ins from sorter will not be transferred to the upper storage.

This mod allows you to separate items by storage stack so they don't get mixed up. Operations such as connecting the lowest storage to an assembler and bringing in materials from each of the upper levels storage will no longer suspend.

Outgoing sorters connected to these storages will work as normal.


この mod を使用することで、積み上げたストレージごとにアイテムを分別でき、混じり合わなくなります。最下段を組立機と接続し、上の段にそれぞれ材料を搬入するような運用が破綻しなくなります。


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  • Initial Release

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