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This mod allows you to drag build multiple wireless power towers. They can be built diagonally, no need to align with latitude or longitude lines. 这个mod允许你拖动建造输电塔,并且可以斜着造,而不需要对齐经纬线。

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This mod requires the following mods to function

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BepInEx5.4.17 mod plugin framework, Mod框架

Preferred version: 5.4.17
xiaoye97-LDBTool-2.0.5 icon

Library that allows mods to add and edit Proto data. Also allows you to see Proto data, config ID's of mod Protos and change localized strings

Preferred version: 2.0.5


Drag Build Power Tower 拖动建造输电塔

  • This mod allows you to drag build multiple wireless power towers (also satellite substations). They can be built diagonally, no need to align with latitude or longitude lines direction. The default distance has been set to the farthest distance that they can be connected with each other (can be customized but not recommended).

  • 这个mod允许你拖动建造无线输电塔和卫星配电站,而且可以斜着造,不需要吸附到经纬线。 默认的距离已被设定为其可连接的最远距离(可调整,但不建议)。

How to use 如何使用

  • Just drag them.
  • If you still want to align them with latitude or longitude lines, hold Ctrl.
  • If you want to force to build them not-aligned with lat/long and no-adsorption grid, hold Shift. (For power towers, you do not need to press shift by default)
  • Promise me don't hold shift when constructing normal buildings.
  • 拖就完事了。
  • 如果你仍然想吸附到经纬线,按住Ctrl。
  • 如果你想强制这些建筑斜向建造并且不吸附到网格上,按住Shift(对于输电塔默认你不需要按shift)。
  • 答应我别在建造普通建筑时按住Shift好吗?什么都试只会害了你ovO

Mod compatibility Mod 兼容性

  • This mod is compatible with ConstructionEnhancements Mod, except:
  • the drag distance for the wireless power tower and satellite substations. those data in ConstructionEnhancements mod will be override by Drag Build Power Tower mod.
  • the build gap cannot be changed when building wireless power tower and satellite substations (Unless you are holding Ctrl).
  • Drag Build Power Tower mod is opensource, feel free to use its codes.
  • 这个mod和ConstructionEnhancements是兼容的,除了:
  • 无线输电塔和卫星配电站的拖动距离会被我这个mod的设置覆盖
  • 当建造这两个输电塔时,你不能略微调整距离,除非你按住了Ctrl
  • 此mod是开源的,你可以随意使用其代码。

Change log 更新日志


  • Initial release.
  • 发布

Available versions

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