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The storage tank can accept the selected liquid infinitely, even if it is full already. The liquid overflowed will disappear. Default: Hydrogen and refined oil. 储液罐可以无限接收传送带送入的特定液体,无论是否装满。默认只无限接收氢气和精炼油。

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The liquid tank can accept the liquid sent by the conveyor belt infinitely, even if it is full already. The liquid overflowed will disappear. Different liquids can be independently set to allow unlimited input or not. Default liquids: Hydrogen and refined oil.

If you use multi-layer tanks, you need to assure that all the layers had already trun on the input switch (that is the default condition after you built any tanks) to allow overflow.

If you want to prevent some of the tanks overflowing IN GAME, you need to use the multi-level storage tanks, and trun off the input switch of a selected layer except the bottom layer tank (Top layer recommended). In this case, the tank below will normally accpet the liquid but will not overflow any more. The tank above the selected layer will not accept any liquid.


  1. Install BepInEx.
  2. Drag OverflowTank.dll into "Dyson Sphere Program/BepInEx/plugins/"


v1.1.2: Now you can prevent the overflow in game, while control the multi-level tanks' capacity more flexibly.

v1.1.1: Bug fixed.

v1.1.0: Update for game version






  1. 安装 BepInEx框架.
  2. 将OverflowTank.dll放入 "Dyson Sphere Program/BepInEx/plugins/"文件夹内


v1.1.2: 现在你可以更灵活地在游戏里阻止溢出,通过配置多层储液罐。

v1.1.1: 修复一个其他问题。

v1.1.0: 适配游戏版本0.6.17.5827.

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