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Addition of charcoal, sapling, and wood making recipes using sapling.

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This mod requires the following mods to function

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BepInEx5.4.5 mod plugin framework, Mod框架

Preferred version: 5.4.5
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A pre mod for add and edit Proto data, show Proto data, config mod Proto id, custom localization, custom build bar. 一个用于添加修改查看Proto数据、自定义Mod Proto ID、自定义翻译、自定义建造快捷栏的前置Mod。

Preferred version: 1.8.0




Addition of charcoal, sapling, and wood making recipes using sapling.

Default ID

  • String ID : 28500-28504
  • Item ID : 9150,9151
  • Recipe ID : 220-222
  • GridIndex : 1506,1507


v1.0.0 : 日本語(DSPJapanesePlugin)に対応, (PluginのGUID変更)

v0.0.3 : ItemやRecipeの説明文が正しく表示されていなかったのを修正
v0.0.2 : GridIndexの変更 (Sapling:1606->1506, Charcoal:1607->1507)
v0.0.1 : Initial version

Available versions

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2021-3-17 1.0.0 687 Version 1.0.0 Install
2021-3-16 0.0.3 78 Version 0.0.3 Install
2021-3-16 0.0.2 60 Version 0.0.2 Install
2021-3-14 0.0.1 142 Version 0.0.1 Install