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garbage can 垃圾桶 --将箱子的自动化容量限制调整为0后分拣器向该箱子内抓取物品时会将该物品销毁并返还一定量的沙土.Transform goods into sands when setting max content of contaner to zero

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BepInEx5.4.5 mod plugin framework, Mod框架

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原作者:skyatgit b站首页: q群号:817241053 仅搬运,请支持原作者

垃圾桶 将箱子的自动化容量限制调整为0后分拣器向该箱子内抓取物品时会将该物品销毁并返还一定量的沙土 返还的沙土数量可在配置文件内修改 配置文件地址:Dyson Sphere Program\BepInEx\config\sky.plugins.dsp.Trash.cfg 使用mod管理器时,配置文件地址位于mod管理器中Settings-Locations-Browse profile folder下所显示的地址,Default内即为BepInEx文件夹,然后进入BepInEx\config\sky.plugins.dsp.Trash.cfg即可。

trash can modding When the automatic capacity limit of the box is set to 0, the sorter will destroy the item and return a certain amount of sand when it is grabbed from the box.The amount of returned sand can be modified in the configuration file. Configuration file address:Dyson Sphere Program\BepInEx\config\sky.plugins.dsp.Trash.cfg When using the mod manager, the configuration file address is the one shown under the settings-locations-Browse Profile folder in the mod manager. Then enter the Default and the address would be BepInEx\config\sky.plugins.dsp.Trash.cfg


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