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星图工具,根据条件筛选星系、种子。以及传送功能。Star map tool, filter galaxies and seeds according to conditions. And transfer function

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BepInEx5.4.5 mod plugin framework, Mod框架

Preferred version: 5.4.5


MOD作者为:sky 视频地址: 发布地址:



下载链接 演示视频


合并类文件(解决与QTools的冲突) 增加按键配置文件 配置文件位置\ Dyson Sphere程序\ BepInEx \ config \ sky.plugins.dsp.StarMapTools.cfg


修正矿物数据的显示 优化传送


修复传送后变大不能及时变回原大小的问题 增加了在星图模式下点击星球时GUI自动选择该星球的功能


修复新建游戏时刷新太快报错问题(其实是ban了GalaxyData的免费) 增加是否在新建游戏时时预加载资源数量的选项 增加恒星搜索器功能(主要更新) 在恒星信息页面增加的其星系内星球的类型和词条信息 演示视频 img img

v3.0更新内容 增加恒星最小光度的搜索限制 增加距离初始恒星最大距离的搜索限制 增加新建游戏界面自动连续搜索的功能 演示视频


img ##Translation from Google Translate

Press F1 in the game to open or close the GUI

In the game, press F2 to teleport to the target star or planet

Download link Demo video

v1.1 update content

Merge class files (resolve conflicts with QTools) Add button profile Configuration file location\Dyson Sphere program\BepInEx\config\sky.plugins.dsp.StarMapTools.cfg

v1.2 update content

Revise the display of mineral data Optimized delivery

v1.3 update content

Fix the problem that the size cannot be changed back to the original size in time after being transferred Added the function that the GUI automatically selects the planet when clicking on the planet in the star map mode

v2.0 update content

Fix the problem of too fast refreshing error when creating a new game Increase the option of whether to preload the number of resources when creating a new game Add the function of Stellar searcher (main update) The type and entry information of the planet in its galaxy added to the star information page Demo video

img img

v3.0 update content Increase the search limit for the minimum luminosity of stars Increase the search limit for the maximum distance from the initial star Add the function of automatic continuous search in the new game interface Demo video

img img

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