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Icarus Movement Fixes

Various changes to Icarus' (the mech that you control) movement, allowing him to be a bit more nimble

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Icarus Movement Fixes Goal

The goal for this mod is to make certain aspects of Icarus (the mech that you control) modifiable, so that you can fine tune how he moves around.


  • Walking and Drift (hovering over water) Slowdown Multiplier
    • Allows you to set how fast Icarus slows down while walking on the ground, or hovering over water
    • Useful for when coming in really fast while Sailing



  • Updated to work with DSP version


  • Initial Release
  • Increased how quickly Icarus slows down when on the ground or hovering over the water.
  • I am still working out how what all I want this mod to do, so for now these earlier releases are more of a proof of concept
  • I am also planning on adding variables to the "Config editor" in a later release, so that you can modify these values to your liking

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