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Allows you to save/load dyson sphere blueprints

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BepInEx5.4.5 mod plugin framework, Mod框架

Preferred version: 5.4.5



Dyson Sphere Program Mods originally developed by zhangxp1998

~This mod is originally developed by thisisbrad~ I forked it, added Dyson Sphere Save/Load functionalities and removed functionality of the original mod(which means this is pretty much a completely new mod).

Do not report problems to the developers when running any of these mods (or even a savegame you've used one of these mods in). The game currently does not support mods. The devs do not need spurious bug reports caused by a modded game. Reproduce your bug on a 100% vanilla game and save, or assume it's potentially related to a mod unless you know with 100% certainty it wasn't influenced in any way by any mod you have installed now or in the past.

Sphere Progress

~Adds progress information to the Dyson Sphere UI screen~

Sphere Progress functionality is removed from this mod. Use the original Sphere Progress Mod for that.

Dyson Sphere Blueprint

Press 'S' to save the Dyson Sphere to clipboard, press 'L' to load Dyson Sphere from clipboard. Press 'P' to complete your sphere. When you save/load, no in game notification is sent. Your sphere's data will be silently copied to clipboard. Loading will only load the design of Dyson Sphere, loaded sphere will be empty. When loading, this mod will also dismantle your current sphere to avoid any conflicts.

Dyson Sphere Save

Installation Instructions

Download and install BepInEx into steamapps/common/Dyson Sphere Program: https://bepinex.github.io/bepinex_docs/master/articles/user_guide/installation/index.html?tabs=tabid-win

Download the latest version: https://github.com/zhangxp1998/DSP-Mods/releases

Add dll file to steamapps/common/Dyson Sphere Program/BepInEx/plugins

Launch the game and the mod should be loaded



Allow hotkeys to be rebind via config.


All trademarks, copyright, and resources related to Dyson Sphere Project itself, remain the property of Gamera Game and Youthcat Studio as applicable according to the license agreement distributed with Dyson Sphere Program.

Available versions

Please note that the install buttons only work if you have compatible client software installed, such as the Thunderstore Mod Manager. Otherwise use the zip download links instead.

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2021-5-18 1.2.6 2049 Version 1.2.6 Install
2021-4-15 1.2.5 1241 Version 1.2.5 Install
2021-4-12 1.2.4 256 Version 1.2.4 Install
2021-4-10 1.2.3 133 Version 1.2.3 Install
2021-4-10 1.2.2 52 Version 1.2.2 Install
2021-4-10 1.2.1 43 Version 1.2.1 Install
2021-4-10 1.2.0 46 Version 1.2.0 Install